Ring Sizing


Q: How does ring sizing work?
A: Rings are sized in US ring sizes and fit like a normal ring. You can provide me with your size in any format and I will convert it (mm, inch, circumference, diamater). You can find your size by printing a ring sizing chart and sizing a ring that fits you or by measuring your finger. The most accurate method is to use ring sizers at any jewelry counter.

Q: Can rings be resized?
A: Yes, they can be altered by one size UP but beyond that they have to be remade. I will exchange items but I encourage you to order the proper size to prevent waste and to help keep our overhead low.

Q: How do I size myself?
A: There are several options, the easiest is to print a ring sizing chart to get the size of a current ring that already fits. Be sure to print the chart at 100% size and do not scale it in any way. When looking through a ring you want to just see the circle outline touching on the inside edge of the ring you are sizing.

Q: How do I  Order a Ring Sizer?
Just purchase this listing and give me the address where you want it shipped.