Red Oak wooden rings set bentwood

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Walnut wood rings set thin bentwood
Rainbow wooden ring, layered. bloodwood, rosewood, blackwood, chakte viga, rainbow, pride, gay, lgbt,

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>Solid Wooden Rings – Cut From a Solid Piece of Wood,  Any Wood Available

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>Metal & Wooden Rings – Metal Ring Core Combined with Wood

>Bentwood Wooden Rings – Wood Bent in a Circle and Laminated for Strength

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Metal & Wood Rings

Birth wood, Birth stone and Birth Flowers:

Birth wood, Birth stone, and Birth Flower are all inlay options with their corresponding month and meaning below. We have a Wood, Gem and Flower for each month.

Each are available as an inlay, while the wood can be used as a ring or inlay.

January: The Birch tree symbolizes rebirth and renewal. Raw Garnet consistency, loyalty. Carnation fascination, distinction, love

February: The Hackberry tree symbolizes wisdom, strength of will, and intuition. Amethyst sincerity, peace. Violet modesty, distinction, virtue

March: The Ash tree symbolizes peace of mind, sensitivity and awareness. Aquamarine courage, health. Daffodil spring, rebirth, domestic happiness.

April:  The Walnut tree symbolizes of universal wisdom and knowledge. Diamond Dust innocence, love. Daisy goodbye, or blissful pleasure.

May: The Elm tree symbolizes strength, family tradition and loyalty. Raw Emerald happiness, fertility. Lily of the Valley happiness, humility, sweetness.

June: The Oak tree symbolizes truth, knowledge, strength of character and motivation. Black Pearl balance, joy. Rose love, gratitude, appreciation.

July: The Cherry tree symbolizes strong expression and compassion. Raw Ruby nobility, beauty. Larkspur joyful, fickleness, sweet.

August: The Apple tree symbolizes strength, gentleness, abundance and giving. Peridot felicity, protection. Gladiolus moral integrity.

September: The Willow tree symbolizes imagination, intuition and vision. Sapphire wisdom, calmness. Aster daintiness, love, magic.

October: The Maple tree symbolizes offering, generosity, balance, promise and practicality. Opal balance, endurance. Marigold winning grace, protection, comfort, healing

November: The Cedar tree symbolizes of healing and cleansing. Imperial Topaz friendship, strength. Chrysanthemum cheerfulness, friendship, abundance

December: The Pine tree symbolizes creativity, peace and harmony. Turquoise wisdom, health. Narcissus sweetness, self-esteem

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